About Helping

My passion is to create filling, nostalgic meals that are nourishing to your body, and to inspire those around me to create kind, generous interactions that are nourishing to the community.  By pledging a few moments of your time to helping someone else, you help us spread our seed.  That seed is the notion that it is truly the little things that change our world.  


By giving yourself to this, we hope that you will be rewarded within yourself on a higher level than the small reward we give you toward the cost of our food.  These individual acts enrich the lives of those we touch, and improve the spirit of our communities, in turn positively impacting the world.


It doesn't take super powers to be a hero, just a little time and a big heart.

For those that want to help, but are short on time, you can pay it forward at point of sale. Every 5$ donation is matched to provide a meal to someone that cannot afford it.  Your donation puts a "Helping Hand" on the side of the truck that can be redeemed for a nutritious, plant powered meal.

Waste not, want not

Helping is committed to limiting the impact we have on the environment, and the landfills. We use compostable serviceware and packaging, and limit waste by making sure all the food we prepare goes into nourishing lives.  At the end of service, Helping travels to areas in which people in need are, and serves every bit of food until it is gone.  We are able to do this by the grace of guests that support our "Helping Hands" program.

“We rise by helping others”

                                        -Robert Ingersoll

“The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention”

                                        -John Burroughs

"Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve"

                                                      -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.